What is sustainability for Team?

What is sustainability for Team? - Team®

We understand sustainability as the integral and strategic management of the business that will allow us to fulfill our dreams in the long term, and on the way, leave a positive mark in all the places where we are present and with all the actors with whom we interact.

Sustainable management allows us to anticipate future trends and seize opportunities, proactively manage risks and motivate employees by generating a strong engagement, commitment and pride for their work and the company to face the challenges. It is to understand that complying with the requirements of the law is the minimum expected and that with conviction, dedication and passion we will go beyond what is required to deliver the best of us, strengthening trust with our stakeholders and contributing to local, national and regional development.

In each of the business units we seek to create value with the stakeholders and make it visible. We achieve this by:

  • Being the preferred choice of our customers and consumers for the quality, innovation and excellence of our products.
  • Supplying our operation with the best available raw materials and supplies, working hand in hand with suppliers to grow with them.
  • Attracting, selecting, developing and retaining the best talent to be the best place to work.
  • Contributing to the development of the communities surrounding our operation centers.
  • Responsibly managing the natural resources we use and constantly seeking ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment.
  • Overcoming business objectives and market expectations to achieve profitable growth in the long term.

Stakeholder engagement

Recognizing the needs and expectations of our stakeholders is a priority at Team. Through different scenarios, we update and prioritize relevant issues both for the organization and our stakeholders in order to identify areas in which we should focus our efforts.

Clients & Customers

Solve the unmet needs of our clients and offer products that satisfy the needs in nutrition of our customers through innovation, quality, trust and support.


Be an excellent investment in financial and reputational aspects, in order to ensure corporate sustainability and a positive impact in society.


Ser el mejor lugar para trabajar, garantizando un ambiente sano, seguro y productivo para un crecimiento profesional y personal.


Ensure fair and transparent relations and negotiations, promoting their development in order to achieve joint growth.


Support initiatives and programs in line with our social investment strategy in order to contribute with their development.

Special Allies

Contribute to the strengthening of the foods sector and society through our expertise and participation, generating mutual benefits.


Be an ally for the country’s development by complying responsibly with our obligations.

Media and Opinions Leaders

Ensure long lasting relationships based on transparency, respect and trust in order to protect and strengthen our corporate reputation.

Sustainability model

Taking into account the expectations and priorities of the organization and the its stakeholders, we have identified eight work fronts that together form the Sustainability Model to manage our operations in an integral way in order to define, transform and create value in our operations.

Sustainability model
  • Health
  • Gender equality
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
  • Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss


We are committed to the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals, so each of the work fronts of the Sustainability Model impacts directly or indirectly 5 of the 17 defined goals.

Sustainable Management Report

Annually we are accountable to the fulfillment of the commitments declared previously, the management performed to fulfill them, and the challenges that we will face in the future.

The organization's Sustainable Management Report gathers achievements, opportunities and challenges on each of the management fronts, highlighting why each front is important, how it is managed, how the performance and evolution of each of the topics is measured, and where we are going in the near future, fostering organizational transparency and short- and medium-term goal setting with a holistic corporate perspective.

The Report in accordance with the GRI Standard is prepared under the essential option, methodology recognized worldwide as a guide to ensure the content and quality of the report in terms of balance, accuracy, clarity and reliability of the content.