Team® People

In Team® we value our human resource as a fundamental part of the growth and development of our company, know here some testimonials of our people.

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Work with us

José María Huertas

Advisor of Lipid Technology

José María Huertas, Advisor of Lipid Technology, tells us how throughout his more than 30 years in the company he has witnessed its evolution and transformation from Acegrasas to what is now known as Team®. In addition, he tells us how innovation and technology have been key players in Team® growth.

Carolina Espitia

Treasury and portfolio manager

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of each one of our collaborators we have managed to position ourselves as a highly innovative company in all its areas.

María Paula Ríos

Director of Strategy and Digital Transformation

María Paula Rios, Director of Strategy and Digital Transformation, tells us about her experience working in Team® and why she is proud to nourish a better tomorrow every day.