Team® products are developed with a high innovation component and a constant understanding of the consumer, aligned with the responsibility for the welfare of the society and the care of the environment. This knowledge allows the ideas to be materialized thanks to the work of the Research and Development area, which was recognized by Colciencias (Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation) as a Center for Technological Development.

Likewise, Team® has promoted an important plan to modernize its plants and to strengthen research and development with a view to supporting its accelerated growth. In this way, the company invests around 3% of its sales in the markets in which it is present.

In 2013, Team® invested in its Chilean plant around 10 million dollars for the implementation of the most modern physical oil refinery in the region and with this investment the company expects to continue consolidating in the southern market where it is already the The second largest specialized lipid supplier in the industry. Also, in 2015, Team® acquired BredenMaster, company with 20 years of experience in the Chilean market, leader in the production and commercialization of frozen bakery products.

Food Innovation

In Team® innovation is a constant

  • We have written 5 scientific publications (only large universities or scientists can do this).
  • We have 5 patents granted.
  • We investigate solutions for the prevention and correction of diseases./li>
  • We work with doctors from different specialties and research centers to form a science network.

The innovation in Team® is transversal, that is to say we innovate in products, processes, business models and to achieve this we understand the needs of the market and our customers.